Esse Ano Eu Não Morro (This year I won’t die) is an independent project about the life expectancy of transgender people in Brazil. 35 years.
The same life expectancy of a Brazilian citizen at the beginning of the last century.

To highlight this horrible data from the country that kills the most transgender people in the world, for the 14th time, we produced a VISUAL MANIFESTO.

Three Brazilian trans models dressed themselves of past, in a reinterpretation from their own point of view, fusing their fashion and ghetto realities with classic elements from the last century.

The objective of the project is also to address other issues of the trans reality, such as reaffirmation through hair, clothing sizes not thought through for different bodies and the improvisation of an undocumented history of trans fashion from the past.

The whole project was conducted, produced and performed in partnership with artists from the Brazilian trans community.
Paulo Ottaviani
Concept | Photography | Production | Videocase

Ariane Dias
Concept | Production | Copywriter 

Nay Mendl
Production | Photography

Vita Pereira
Production | Fashion Stylist

Fashion Stylist

Puri, Onika and Theo
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